There are many benefits to employing an antivirus program, and both Norton and Avast provide several specific features. Avast is a little bit cheaper, and it does not currently have a customer support program, while Norton gives more beneficial tools. They the two work well for protecting your personal computer and have good reviews. In addition , they both have simple and user-friendly interfaces. Keep reading to find out what kind works best available for you. This is a significant decision that you’ll need to help to make based on your needs and spending budget.

The biggest drawback to antivirus software is the fact that it can cause a computer to slow down. However , both Avast and Norton perform great job at guarding your computer from threats, and the performance is definitely far better than those of different programs. Even though both applications do a good job, they do contain a few drawbacks. Avast avast security is slightly easier to use, and has better security features than Norton.

Avast may be the more affordable option, but is restricted in terms of features. Although Avast presents free versions, Norton provides a more complete package with better customer care. Avast also requires a luxurious computer to function well, which is often an issue for people with low-end systems. If you’re not sure, try the free release to see if it satisfies your needs.