Terrible software, continuous junk e-mail that whenever reported no action was taken up to stop the sender

Dreadful app, consistent spam that when reported no action try taken up to block the sender. We significantly suspect that spam was Grindr backed since even as a subscribing representative no actions nor feedback was taken on complaints

Even worse homosexual application

Even worse homosexual application. Avoid using it. Save your opportunity. These are generally banning users arbitrarily and won’t provide you with the cause. This is certainly an item of $****t application. I found myself prohibited with no need except flipping straight down a guy that had gotten butthurt. Stay away from this failed application. Boycott this scummy app.

grindr was full frauds I a€¦

grindr was full scams I managed to get blackmail on here by someone we well informed qrindr regarding it these people were not interested to help me after all i’d never get back on the website my pointers stay away

Grindr provides zero reliable customera€¦

Grindr features zero trustworthy customer support, there isn’t any control over fake reports or regulation on quantity of account which can http://www.hookuphotties.net/women-seeking-women/ be mounted on an up target or phone number, continuously become spamed by DM to outside artificial sites , people looking for medication or supplying medicines for sale, as well as other personal providers for money, you will also discover users exactly who use Grindr to attract naive subjects to communicating on outside apps like KIK where naive man are asked to deliver XXX pic showing specific posture these people next send straight back snap shot of the men whole face book account and their contacts using menace to pay them 10k or his pic was taken to everyone else on their FB call list. Grindr has no control of security of and keeping consumers safe on the application, you can find few authentic guys on grindr but it is ripe with ignorance, discrimination, rudeness, and folks whom show or have little respect or value toward most of the genuine that suffer this application, Grindr should prevent empty profiles making setting facial picture on visibility compulsory, and in addition ensureing that a profile is certainly not kept in complete.

There isn’t any support service

There’s absolutely no customer care . They e-mail you when with steps to grab for say a dangling cell number(as you happened to be suspended for no explanation before ) to help you produce a new levels . The issue is acquiring them to return with you. When you manage whatever methods recommended . Hate Grindr . Going lower and on course indeed there Fast

Prohibited for no factor.

Banned with no reason. cannot even make a fresh account. worst business previously

Please boycott

Please boycott I didna€™t incorporate because of the lockdown as urged then again was blocked wona€™t say exactly why or return e-mail leta€™s all avoid utilizing this trash !they feel the homosexual area is an easy target and can just exclude both you and accuse you of any such thing just end utilizing it kindly

Utter waste you get more spammera€¦

Utter garbage you receive extra spammer emails offering gender treatments or letting you know to go to this incredible website or that webpages. Amusing sufficient you document all of them and admin do nothing anybody would genuinely believe that Grindr are in reality sending these backlinks because they’re trying to make funds by advertising other sites etc. lot of freaks on this website furthermore nobody satisfy. Terrible app total waste of time ADMIN utter garbage I do not think they also are present if honest

Unpleasant Pigs

I am thus upset today i really could just shout. The inventors about this application are pigs. Ignorant, ridiculous, terrible and artificial wastes of room!

The reasons why you can be curious. Because men about this application tend to be deluded. Coimpletely from their minds.They will say something right after which carry out the contrary. Spend time acting like they provide a damn about yourself right after which often ignore your or stop your. Your try to be truthful, your try to be a great, honest person and then you get clogged or dismissed. Individuals on right here enjoy video games. That’s every perform and I also would like you to know that you are entitled to a lot better than now wasting trash. You are entitled to to get enjoyed.

Taking walks criminal activity corp Antigay app

Strolling criminal activity software. This app keeps massive violated criminal activities composed all-around they warning to user avoid using this software caution this is certainly my assessment have always been right here not to ever need but to warn your this software are a. Criminal bloodstream on the website fingers Re: A Walking crime software. This software possess substantial violated crimes written all-around it alerting to user avoid using this software

we never ever used to consider becoming gay was actually aa€¦

we never ever accustomed envision becoming gay had been a mental illness until I spent a few days on grindr and today I am not therefore certain. its be a little more of a fetish software subsequently a homosexual dating website and rather in all honesty the freaking revolting.. i cant go on there without some weirdo trying to get me to have actually s*x with his settee, or other mentally sick individual desiring us to force them to take in their own poop, or stop them for the b*lls 400 times in 20 minutes or so plus the one that helped me give up grindr once and for all was the guy looking people to contribute utilized rubbers so he could freeze the c*m and insert into his a**hole later.. that’s sick and f*cked up.. i am only attempting to date individuals causing all of all of us typical men and women must not need to be exposed to this stuffl.. do your self a support and erase this application although you however can cuz the one and only thing you can expect to come across upon it is actually ailments and crazy men. like we stated I never ever believe are gay is a mental diseases but after discovering grindr I’m simply not sure bout that any longer but something is clear I can realise why a lot of people think it is a mental ailment.. I am talking about god-damn just continue grindr for one hour and you will see what What i’m saying is and exactly why someone envision in this way.. if you’re looking for m*th, hiv, stds and insane people who want you to make these to eat their very own poop after that grindr is the software for you personally